Our Legacy

Preparing meals in the kitchen.

Meal delivery is the first service ever provided by the Licking County Aging Partners. Our drivers deliver not only hot mid-day meals, but smiles and conversation. Specially designed vehicles help keep the meals as hot as when they came out of the oven.

Meals are delivered countywide to qualifying seniors in their homes. In addition, meals are served at 7 dining centers throughout Newark and Licking County. Meals are served Monday through Friday. Shelf stable meals are distributed for severe weather days when we are unable to deliver. Frozen meals are delivered for weekends and holidays. Service is available for Licking County residents that are 60 or older.

If it is possible for you to make all or part of the suggested $3.00 donation for each meal you receive, it will enable us to serve more seniors. If you cannot make a donation due to your financial situation, it is still our pleasure to help you with your basic needs. 

Donations can be made daily, weekly, or monthly, whatever is most convenient for you. Our employees carry with them tamper-proof donation envelopes in which you can place your contribution and receive a receipt as well. Upon request, we can also provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your convenience to return your donation. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our need. 

 We are currently conducting a survey for all of our Meals on Wheels clients! Please click on the link below to access and complete this two-minute survey. Thank you for your time.