Providing eye care and low-vision aids for all ages

In order to better serve Licking County residents, the Center for Visual Improvement (formerly known as the Licking County Center for the Visually Impaired) merged with LCAP in December 2020. Although LCAP typically serves seniors over the age of 60, the Center for Visual Improvement (CVI) will continue to serve Licking County residents of all ages. Our services remain the same, but we can now be found within the LCAP building! Please call (740) 345-0821 ext. 1244 to find out how we can serve you today!

CVI allows residents of Licking County to enjoy their full vision potential.  We have two major programs – professional eye care health services and the low vision aids program.

We help those who cannot afford professional eye examinations and glasses. We work with professional eye care centers to make sure every county resident can see their best regardless of their ability to pay.

We also offer low-vision aids.  Low vision aids are prescribed for people who need help beyond their prescribed glasses.  Our selection of low-vision aids has a wide range of uses, including talking clocks, watches, health monitoring equipment, computer accessories, magnifying aids, lights, and household appliance aids. There is no financial eligibility requirement for our low vision aids – we only ask that you return the low vision aid when it is no longer useful to you or your loved one.

We are eager to serve you from our new Heritage Hall Home. Look for the same dependability you have always had from CVI, plus expanded services through LCAP. Give us a call and let us know your vision needs. We are here to help you see your best!