Congregate Meals

Lunch is also served at our congregate sites in the following locations:

Heritage Hall Senior Center, 1058 E. Main St.
Terrace Gardens, 85 W. Church St.
Sharon Glyn Village, 914 Sharon Valley Rd.
Candlewick Commons, 15 S. Third St.

Pataskala: LEADS Center, 12536 Adams Ln., Pataskala
Johnstown: Ridgeview Manor, Clark Dr., Johnstown
Utica: Oak Hill Manor, 1 Cross St., Utica
Buckeye Lake: The Harbor, 5312 Walnut Rd., Buckeye Lake                                                                                                                                                                                            

In the case of inclement weather when meal deliveries are cancelled, LCAP provides shelf stable meals that require no refrigeration to eat on cancellation days.

If it is possible for you to make all or part of the suggested $3.00 donation for each meal you receive, it will enable us to serve more seniors. If you cannot make a donation due to your financial situation, it is still our pleasure to help you with your basic needs. 

Donations can be made daily, weekly or monthly, whatever is most convenient for you. Our employees carry with them tamper proof donation envelopes in which you can place your contribution and receive a receipt as well. Upon request, we can also provide a self-addressed, stamped envelope for your convenience to return your donation. Thank you for your thoughtful consideration of our need.