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What’s New in Transportation

Seniors needing transportation.

 The Transportation Department offers non-emergency medical, and dining site transportation to the seniors of Licking County. There are only two requirements to receive this service: you must be 60 years or older, and a resident of Licking County. Non-emergency medical transportation includes locations such as:
doctor’s office, physical therapy, dialysis, and the hospital. We also provide transport to Heritage Hall dining site for lunch to those seniors that reside within Newark /Heath city limits.

We are excited to announce that we are now offering some additional transportation services! These new services include:
• Transport to any government building, such as the BMV or Social Security Office.
• Transport to a doctor’s office or pharmacy for prescription pick up.
• Transport to and from a nursing home facility for any non-emergency medical appointment.
• Weekly shopping trips from our congregate dining sites at Terrace Gardens and Candlewick Commons.

While we are happy to expand our services, please keep in mind that medical appointments take first priority and that all appointments are taken on a first come first serve basis. Please provide LCAP with a 5 business day notice for local runs, out of county runs can be made upon availability.

It is a policy of the Licking County Aging Program not to charge a fee for services. Suggested donation schedules are provided to help defer expenses. But no one is denied services due to an inability to donate. For example, the suggested donation for different medical transport areas are as follows:

One way in Newark-Heath: $2.50
One way in Licking County: $5.00
One way outside county: $10.00

Please contact the Transportation Department by calling 740-345-0821, option 5.