Medical Transports

A fleet of safety equipped vans, driven by professionally trained and caring personnel, take seniors to medical, dental and vision appointments. Medical route vans and buses are equipped with wheelchair lifts and are accessible for physically challenged clients.

For medical transport, please provide LCAP with a 5 business day notice for local runs. Out of county runs can be made upon availability. We can schedule as far out as 3 months. Service is available for those 60 years or older and residing in Licking County.

It is a policy of the Licking County Aging Partners not to charge a fee for services. Suggested donation schedules are provided to help defer expenses, but no one is denied services due to an inability to donate.

For example, the suggested donation for different medical transport areas are as follows: (one way)

One way in Newark-Heath:  $2.50
One way in Licking County: $5.00
One way outside county: $10.00

Please contact us by phone (740) 345-0821.